Dear Parents;

F&M Trust of Chambersburg has created a scholarship through the Commonwealth Charitable Management (CMM) to reimburse eligible expenses incurred during the 20-21 school year by FCCTC students.  In order to qualify for reimbursement, families must apply to CCM at and provide a copy of their latest 1040 federal tax return.    The list of qualifying expenses are as follows:



Item                            Reimbursement (up to)    

Welding Tool Kit                       $250

Electrical Tool Kit                      $180

HVAC Tool Kit                            $120

Mechatronics Tool Kit                $90

Cosmetology Kit                        $300

Medical Assisting Kit                $160

Allied Health Kit                        $145

Dental Assisting Kit                    $90


Item                            Reimbursement (up to)

State Inspection Fee                $225

AWS Certification Fee               $50

NVHS Membership                    $10


Item                            Reimbursement (up to)

Health Academy Scrubs           $35

Health Academy Shoes             $30

Cosmetology Uniforms             $50

Culinary Uniforms                     $65

Work Boots                               $100


All requests for reimbursement must be approved by the program instructor.  It is advisable to keep receipts of purchases for verification purposes.  Reimbursements will be on a FIRST COME – FIRST SERVE basis until available funding is exhausted so hurry up and apply!  Deadline for application is February 19, 2021.