Cafeteria Information

2021-2022 Franklin County Career and Technology Center (FCCTC) School Meals Information

The Chambersburg Area School District operates the Cafeteria and meal services at CareerTech. They offer both the National School Breakfast Program and the National School Lunch Program to all students attending FCCTC.

Secondary Prices for the school year – Breakfast $2.20 – Lunch $3.15

Households may pay for meals by going to and setting up an account with payments or sending a check (payable to: CASD Food Service) or cash to the school cafeteria.

  • The randomly assigned FCCTC Student ID Number must be used to start a new student account (not PA Secure ID #).  This ID # will be provided to students at New Student Orientation or first day of school.
  • Students must wait until after Student Data Rollover which usually occurs the week before school starts (Mid August).  If you cannot access a student in system try again a few days later.
  • All students must select Chambersburg School District (CASD) for student account because Cafeteria is operated through contract with CASD.
  • Minimum deposit amount is $25.00.
  • Deposits usually happen with-in a few hours, but may take up to 24 hours after entered into account.

What is a School Lunch?

5 components are offered as part of every school lunch; fruit, vegetable, protein, grain and milk. In order for a meal to be complete ($3.15) a student must take a minimum of 3 of the 5 offered. One component must be a fruit or vegetable choice.

3-8 different entrées are offered each day at the secondary level. All entrée’s may be combined to create a full meal. 2 fruit and 2 vegetable choices may be taken as part of a regular meal. Milk is an option, not a requirement. Water is also available during lunch. If a full meal (3 of 5 components) is not taken, items will be charged at Ala carte pricing. Meal choices and an Ala carte price list are posted on the CASD web site; Food and Nutrition >Menus>Options for Middle and High School.

Free and Reduced Meal Benefits

If you need assistance in paying for meals you may go to to complete and submit an application to see if you qualify for meal benefits. Applications may be submitted for the school year any time after July 1st. We will notify you of your household status by US postal mail and/or email.

Students that have receive meal benefits at their sending school location, do not need to re-apply. Sending schools will provide the CASD food Service department with this information.

Meal Charge Policy

The current meal charge policy will be issued to all students at the beginning of each session. The policy can also be found on the CASD web site under Food and Nutrition.

Collection of Meal Charges

  • Secondary students will be notified of any negative charge balances weekly by email.
  • Written notification will be sent monthly by mail to any students with a negative balance over -$7.00
  • School administration may be contacted if charges exceed $-15.00.

The Chambersburg Area School District Food Service department may be contacted at 717-261-3391.