Almost every product we enjoy in our modern society is made, in some way, by human beings. Airplanes, automobiles, computers, medical equipment, televisions, and electronic equipment are all products of manufacturing. Computer Integrated Manufacturing is a program that focuses on modern manufacturing processes found in local companies such as Volvo, JLG Industries, and Manitowoc Crane. Included in the course of study is the use of both manual and Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) equipment as well as programming, precision measuring, and inspection. This program includes a new, exciting curricula provided through Immerse2learn and the National Institute of Metal Working Skills (NIMS) certification process.

Technical Skills:

Manual machining • CNC Machine programming and operation • How to draw sketches and read blueprints
• Precision measuring with dial calipers and micrometers • Using MasterCAM and AUTOCAD • GD&T (Geometrical Dimensioning and Tolerancing) • Mechanical and component assembly

Professional Skills:

Decision making • Problem-solving • Critical thinking • Communication • Work Ethic • Leadership

Career Opportunities or Field Positions:

CNC Machine Operator • ME (Mechanical Engineer) • Manual Machine Operator • Material Handler • CNC Programmer • Quality Controller

What Certifications can I earn?

OSHA Certification • Forklift Operator Certification • National Institute of Metal Working Skills Certifications (NIMS -13 Certs. Available)

What College Credits can I earn?

Click here for information on how you can earn college credits while in your Career Tech program.

Program Requirements & Expectations:

Grade equivalent math, reading comprehension, and measuring ability.

Uniform Requirements:

A CareerTech blue or gray t-shirt is required. In addition, the following CareerTech items may also be purchased: Polo shirt, sweatshirt, or flannel. Uniforms may be ordered online or purchased at the school store.

Dark blue or black work pants or jeans (i.e., Dickies).

Work boots (safety toe required). Either high or low top are acceptable.

Out-of-Pocket costs:

School Uniform

Students may purchase their own tools, but the program does not require any up-front costs.

What else should I know?

CNC Machine Operators and CNC Machinists are in very high demand and are well compensated for their technical skills.

Tyler Horst

Mr. Horst is a CareerTech alumnus of the Precision Machining program.  He has over 16 years of industry experience in various local machine shops and is NIMS certified.