Welding is a fabrication or sculptural process that joins metals by causing coalescence. As one of the fastest growing industries in the area, the welding program will help prepare students for a career as a welder, sheet-metal worker, industrial fabricator, or industrial designer. Welders can find a variety of careers in manufacturing and fabrication. This instructional program provides learning experiences in stick, (MIG), (TIG), flux cored welding, and oxyacetylene and plasma torch cutting of metals. Students learn safe practices and uses of electrodes and welding rods, properties of metals, blueprint reading, and welding symbols and standards established by the American Welding Society (AWS).

Technical Skills:

5 different welding processes (SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, GTAW, OFW) • 3 different cutting processes
(PAC, OFC, A-CAC) • Blueprint reading • Shop math and conversions • Fabrication and parts fit-up

Professional Skills:

Leadership • Strong work ethic • Public speaking • Organization • Punctuality

Career Opportunities or Field Positions:

Fabricator • Cutting Table Operator • Welder • Sub-Arcs Operator • Inspectors • Supervisors • Salesperson
• Engineers • Metallurgist

What Certifications can I earn?

GMAW Spray Transfer 2G • SMAW 3G V-groove 7018 • GTAW 2F Steel Sheet Metal Code • OSHA Certification
• Certified Welder • Forklift Operator Certification, MCAW 2G

What College Credits can I earn?

Click here for information on how you can earn college credits while in your Career Tech program.

Program Requirements & Expectations:

Strong skills in math, reading, and science.

Uniform Requirements:

A CareerTech blue or gray t-shirt is required (long sleeve preferred). In addition, the following CareerTech items may also be purchased: Crew neck sweatshirt or flannel. Uniforms may be ordered online or purchased at the school store.

Jeans or cotton workpants without holes, tears, frays, or cuffs. No polyester clothing permitted.

Ankle height or higher leather, steel-toe work boots. No wet shoes at any time.

Students are not permitted to carry lighters or matches.

Long hair MUST be tied back.

Students may not wear a wristwatch, rings, dangling chains, or earrings.

Out-of-Pocket costs:

School Uniform

Welding Kit – Approximately $270 (Ordered by instructor once the program has started.)

The kit contains an auto-darkening welding helmet with shades 9-13, including a grinding mode, heavy welding gloves, TIG welding gloves, fire resistant jacket, head covering, grinding shield, and safety glasses. The kit also contains a heavy-duty bookbag style gear bag and various hand tools.

Student Organizations?

Students may join the SkillsUSA student organization. This club brings students who share common interests together for an exchange of ideas and the opportunity to work towards a common purpose. It offers students recognition through a national program of awards and contests and seeks to cultivate excellence in leadership and in their technical skills. Visit http://www.skillsusa.org/ for more information.

What else should I know?

Some of the best welding students have never welded before starting this program at CareerTech.

Caitlin O’Donnell

Ms. O’Donnell is an alumnus of the CareerTech Welding program.  She began her career at the age of 16, where she not only learned how to weld, but gained leadership skills as she was involved with SkillsUSA.   Her seven years of industry experience began with her co-op position, where she completed various projects from custom ornamental projects to fixing farm equipment.  Later she worked as a production manager in a local manufacturing business.