Good evening Career Tech Students and Families,

Thank you for your help in establishing Distance Learning.  Cooperation and teamwork are critical as we continue to navigate our current situation.  Our goal at Career Tech remains to help our students prepare for their future careers.  With that in mind, we are preparing to enter the next phase of our Continuity of Education Plan.

Continuity of Education refers to educational practices that occur in the event of a prolonged school closure. It is important that students have the opportunity to develop and maintain skills while away from the customary school environment.

Planned Instruction is formal teaching and learning similar to that which occurs in a classroom setting. Within this process, teachers use planned courses of instruction of new concepts/skills aligned to grade level standards.

Career Tech will be providing Planned Instruction from April 20, 2020, until the end of the 2019-2020 school year.  We will continue with the distance learning program that has been established since April 6, 2020.  Assignments provided by instructors are required and will be graded accordingly.  Each week will now include some form of assessment.  Planned Instruction will take the place of in-person education for the rest of the school year.  While we all understand that this is not ideal, given the current state of the world, Career Tech teachers are making the best of the situation by providing meaningful instruction to allow students to grow in their knowledge of their career fields.  As such, teachers will link assignments to specific tasks to be accomplished within each shop’s Program of Study.

Assignments will still be provided via weekly outlines which will be available by 9 AM every Monday morning.  The timeline is now required and should be considered a due date.  Teachers will provide timely feedback and enter grades in Skyward.  Additionally, students with an IEP will receive a weekly check-in from Learning Support, along with additional opportunities for support via the Learning Support department.

Teachers will still be responding to all emails each day around 9AM and 1PM Monday through Friday as well as providing feedback and recommendations through our online education platform.

***Important Notes on Participating in Planned Instruction

  1. In order to continue to the next level for school year 2020-2021, students must maintain engagement in their Planned Instruction for the remainder of the marking period.  Students who are not engaged in learning will remain at their current level in their shop.
  2. Graduating students need to learn as much as possible about their job field in order to be successful later in life, accomplish their goals, and assure that instructors can provide positive recommendations if contacted. Keep in mind that student’s performance this year (grades 10 and 11) will impact other opportunities later in life like Co-op placement, teacher recommendations, completion of POS task list, SOAR eligibility, NOCTI performance and PA skill certificate.
  3. Attendance will be reported to sending schools based on assignment completion. A student who completes all assignments with fidelity will be reported as having attended all five days that week.  If a student does not complete meaningful work, attendance will be reduced proportionately (IE:  if a student completes 4 out of 5 objectives we will mark the student absent for 1 day that week)


***We understand that most students have some items at the school.  We will be announcing a plan within the next two weeks which we will use to allow students to obtain their personal items.  Information about this plan will come directly from each student’s instructor.