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Earning College Credits in Your Program

At CareerTech, we have four ways to earn college credits during your school day! 

Click here for the full College Credit Summary and read below for added details.


College in the High School/Dual Enrollment

Harrisburg Area Community College                            

Click here to see course descriptions.

– FCCTC Counselor will meet with the class to enroll.

– Enrollment is at the beginning of each semester.

– Classroom instructor teaches the course at FCCTC.            

– Content will be learned during the semester for high school credit, enrollment allows college credits to be earned in addition.

– $76.50 per credit.                                                                                         

Pennsylvania College of Technology

Click here to see course descriptions.

– FCCTC Counselor will meet with the class to enroll.

– Enrollment is at the beginning of each semester.

– Classroom instructor teaches the course at FCCTC.

– Content will be learned during the semester for high school credit, enrollment allows college credits to be earned in addition.

– $0 per credit, that is correct…courses are free 🙂


Direct Articulation Agreements

Complete this articulation form with the teacher and counselor to apply to be exempt from credits at these post-secondary schools.  Click on a school below to see details and which CareerTech program participates:

Academy for Media Production 

Culinary Institute of America

Delaware Valley University

Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC)

Harrisburg Area Community College, Application (HACC)

Hagerstown Community College (HCC)

Hagerstown Community College, Application (HCC)

Harcum College

Pennsylvania Western University, California PA Campus

Pittsburgh Technical College

Saint Francis University

Thaddeus Stevens – BCT

Thaddeus Stevens – Welding

Triangle Tech

University of North Western Ohio (UNOH), HVAC

University of North Western Ohio (UNOH), HVAC application

University of North Western Ohio (UNOH), Auto & Diesel

University of North Western Ohio (UNOH), Auto & Diesel application

Wilson College

Statewide Articulation Agreements – SOAR

CareerTech will produce the SOAR paperwork for seniors who are eligible to be exempt from credits at state-approved post-secondary schools.

– Student must have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA in their CareerTech program

– Students must earn their high school diploma

– Students must score competent or advanced on their NOCTI assessment

– Students must complete ALL program tasks or competencies

– Over 40 colleges offer these credits such as Thaddeus Stevens, Pittsburgh Technical College, Pennsylvania College of Technology, Mercyhurst University, Manor College, HACC, Harcum and Clarion University.  Click here to view the full listing

– Visit for details

Click Here for SOAR details on TechLinkPA

Click Here for examples of SOAR packets instructors complete for each student.


NOCTI Credits

Pass your written NOCTI assessment and receive your recommended credit waiver emailed to you.

– Usually around 3 credits recommended to be awarded in a related college program

– 1 to 2 additional credits may be awarded based on successful completion of the performance NOCTI 

– Details and 1500+ colleges in 50 states listed here.

Click Here for participating post-secondary schools.

Click here for NOCTI flyer.                             

You can earn even more college credits at your sending school.  Ask your sending school counselor how to enroll in dual enrollment at Ship, Wilson, Penn State Mont Alto, HCC, or other colleges.  Take an English or Math class at the college during your Junior or Senior year and it may also count for high school credit.    

High School Timelines

Many high school checklists are available, here are some good ones to follow, click on the following link:

Planning for Future Checklist

High School 9 – 12 Timeline

Planning for Higher Education Timeline

SAT's & Other Entrance Exams

– Read the admissions page of your favorite college/post-secondary school to find out which test(s) are needed, if any.

– In MOST cases, you do not need to take your SAT’s if you are going to a school for two years of less, such as a community college or tech school.  This is not always the case for associate degrees in areas of study for nursing or vet technology.  Always check with the school.

– Most schools are going test-optional due to the pandemic. 

– Try scheduling your test for the end of your Junior year of high school.

– If a school is requiring an entrance exam it is usually the SAT’s or ACT’s.

– For an increasing amount of schools, the TEAS test is REQUIRED for nursing fields for associates and bachelor’s degrees.

How do I register and prepare for the SAT’s?

View the SAT Dates & Locations 2023 – 2024 detailing when the test is offered and at what Franklin County High School.

Click here to go directly to College Board to begin your registration.

SAT Prep Materials

Click here for the Student Guide to Practice and Scores
Click here for the SAT Student Guide
Click here for an official SAT Practice Test
Click here for Spanish SAT Materials

What is the difference between the SAT and the ACT?

Take the SAT:

  • You are not a fast worker
  • Science is not a strength
  • You can do math without a calculator
  • Your passage analyzing skills are strong
  • You have taken AP tests (the exams are made by the same people and will likely have similar question styles)
  • Take the PSAT at your sending school in 11th grade to practice for the actual SAT test
  • Most schools test neutral for those applying for fall of 2021…check the admissions website at the school you may be applying

Take the ACT if:

  • You are a quick worker
  • You are strong in science
  • You are not as confident in your analyzing abilities
  • You want the test to take a shorter amount of time

College/Post-Secondary Open Houses & Tours

Almost every college/post-secondary school offers open houses and tours.  Some are in person and some are virtual.  Most schools offer both options.  The following schools are some of our students and teachers favorites to consider.  Click on the following link to see some highlighted events on the school’s admissions page:

Culinary Institute of Technology

Harrisburg Area Community College

Hagerstown Community College

Shippensburg University of PA

Pennsylvania College of Technology

Pennsylvania State University, Mont Alto


Wilson College

Research Colleges

There are so many ways to search for a college, tech school, short term program… here are some great ways:
– Use our Career Cruising program to search by State, region, or name of program
– Use Google to find out if a program is available near you or in a region of interest 
– Others:

Applying to Post-Secondary Schools/Colleges

I found a school I like, how do I apply?
  • Read over the school’s admissions website.  You can apply directly from their website using their application.  Or, you can complete the Common App if you will be applying to many schools. 
  • Find out what tests the school requires from their admission’s page, if any.  Due to the pandemic, some SAT sites are hard to find available.  Most schools have become test optional for Fall 2021 applicants.  You will find that information on the admissions page also.
  • Sign up for the SATs or ACTs if you haven’t already taken them or want to improve your scores.
  • Sign up for the TEAS if your nursing/medical school requires the score.
  • Make sure you are aware of the application deadlines listed on the admission’s page!
  • Begin thinking about who you would like to write a recommendation letter for you. Usually a teacher, a school counselor, and/or someone outside of academics (ex: coach, mentor, pastor, boss, volunteer advisor, etc.)
  • Talk to your sending school guidance office to see if those schools will be coming for an instant decision day or if they offer application fee waivers!
Alright, I have completed my application, now what?
  • Request your transcript with your sending school counselor.  Click here for their email.
  • Let your sending school counselor know where you have applied!
I need to do more research to find college options, what site should I begin using?

Student Loans & Grants

“I’ve been accepted!  How do I pay for my tuition and all of the expenses?”

You may apply for student aid by completing the Financial Aid Online Forms, click here to begin.  The site is commonly called FAFSA or PHEAA.  You will apply for loans and grant money on this same application.


What is the difference between a loan and a grant?

Loans: Money you borrow and pay back with interest after your schooling is complete

Grants:  Money you are awarded that you do not pay back


What does the loan and grant money pay for at the college?

Tuition, meal plan, dorm/apartment, books, supplies, any expense while you are in your semester of college/schooling.


What is exactly is FAFSA or PHEAA?

FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

PHEAA stands for Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency.  You apply for your loans/grants with the FAFSA application as overseen by PHEAA.

-This is how the government and the college determine what loans and grants you are eligible to receive.

-Most colleges/schools require you to complete the FAFSA form to be eligible to be awarded merit-based scholarships at admissions or to apply for other scholarships the school offers from their financial aid department.


Must Have Guide:

PHEAA Student Aid Guide – Step by Step directions to apply and tons of information!

PHEAA Student Aid Guide (Spanish) – Step by Step directions to apply and tons of information!

New! FAFSA Mobile App:

myStudentAide Mobile App – Helpful tool to guide you along the Financial Aid process

Financial Aid Information:

Click here to see attachment of events, upcoming webinars, and recorded sessions


Mrs Kimples best take aways:

– Each student is guaranteed a $5,500 loan through the Federal Loan Program

– Each year that guaranteed loan amount increases.

– You can borrow more to cover the gap between the cost of your education and the amount of other financial aid you need.
          – PA Forward Loans
          – Parent PLUS loans
          – or other Private student loans (maybe through your families bank)

– If you qualify for the free or reduced lunch, you will most likely be awarded the PA State Grant and/or the Federal Pell Grant, which you do not pay back.

– There are so many other special grants that do not need to be paid back such as the PA-TIP (PA Targeted Industry Program).  Click here for the application which must be completed AFTER the FAFSA is completed.


 Click Here to see our current list of Scholarship opportunities!  
  • We advertise local and national scholarships that we feel you have a good chance of earning.
  • We advertise on the CareerTech website at the link above.
  • Also, we post the chart in the cafeteria, hallway, and in the counseling office.
  • Please stop by the office to pick up a paper application or apply to digital apps on the link above.
Helpful Information

PHEAA Scholarship Tip Sheet -This resource is helpful in writing your scholarships and keeping track of when you sent each one
Spanish version available here

Best Places to Find Scholarships – This is a helpful resource to see where we advertise FCCTC promoted scholarships and your sending school’s promoted scholarships.