Resumes, Cover Letters & Mock Interview Prep

Here are some useful sites for creating and revising your resume. But do not stop at the resume! You should have a good cover letter, at least 3 references, and a thank you letter (or email) ready.

Important CareerTech Reminders

  • You will make your resume in class during your junior year, however, some teachers may have you start it your sophomore year. This will also be used for your mock interview. You can also add this to your career portfolio!
  • See your teacher or assistant in your program who guides you in completing your resume.
  • Take your resume digitally with you before you leave CareerTech your senior year.
  • Email Mrs. Kimple for her to help update, critique, or spruce up your resume before you graduate.
  • Your resume should be updated often.
  • Fill out this little Pocket Resume to help fill out an application or prep you for an interview.  Keep in your purse, wallet, or car.  Stop in the counseling office to pick one up.

Mock Interview Prep & Templates

Website, Templates & Specialty Resumes

*For a better quality resume*
  • The Purdue Owl Resume Workshop – Click this link to learn what to include in your resume, see examples, and use free resume templates.

  • Grammarly – Click this link to use the writing assistant that gives specific suggestions to help your writing.

  • Career Cruising – Click this link to build your resume. Email Mrs. Kimple if you need help creating your username and password.   

Indeed Resume Guide, High School Edition

*For an EVEN BETTER quality resume*

Indeed Cover Letter Guide

*For a better quality cover letter*

Interview Practice

It is important to prepare ahead for your co-op, mock, employment, scholarship, or college interview.

  • Mock Interview Student Guideline
    • All students will experience a mock interview.  Click on the above link to review your responsibilities and the following helpful tips:

    – Learn about all 5 parts of an interview.

    – 50 Most often asked questions

    – What to do and not do

    – Sample Thank you Letter

  • Pocket Resume
    • Click on the above link to see the Pocket Resume. You fill out this little tool and use it for an application or prep you for an interview. Keep in your purse, wallet, car, etc.
    • Stop into the counseling office to pick up your own.