Sending School Information

  • Click here to find your sending School Counselor contact information and other individuals in and around the counseling office.

Click on the following link to see your high school website:

Chambersburg Magnet School

Chambersburg Area Senior High School

Fannett Metal High School

Greencastle-Antrim High School

Shippensburg High School

James Buchanan High School

Waynesboro Area Senior High School

Sending School Announcements:

09/16/2021 – All Franklin County Students
Click here to see when your sending school is holding their FAFSA Financial Aid Information Night.

Student Life & Helping Services

Click here for a list of the most widely used services in Franklin County and surrounding areas.  Included are contact numbers and text lines.  Daytime use and 24-hour use for the following needs are included:

  • Abuse & Assault
  • Grief & Loss
  • Depression
  • Mental Health & Counseling Services
  • Suicide
  • Bullying
  • Drug, Alcohol, & Nicotine
  • Covid-19 Crisis Counseling
  • Health Insurance
  • Pregnancy & Parenting
  • Food Assistance
  • Supply Assistance
  • Rent Assistance
  • General Human Service Line for Franklin County
  • Local Help Line for panic, stress, lonely or depressed

How do I enroll my child to see a Laurel Life Therapist that will meet at FCCTC?

– We have a great therapist that comes to CareerTech during the school day to provide therapy each week or every other week.  Services also are conducted via Zoom.

Click here to see the application or contact the counseling office for assistance

How do I find a therapist at a local outpatient counseling office?

– We list a few on the link above but there are so many offices listed in Franklin County.

– Simply call the office to start the discussion and schedule the first appointment.

What if I know of bullying happening with my child or someone else?

– Please contact the instructor, student coordinator, counselor, or principal and we will  intervene.

– We have boxes around the building to anonymously report.  Students know to use these or report inappropriate behavior to their instructor, student coordinator, counselor, principal, or any adult.

– We have posters around the building with numbers to contact and to educate all that we do not tolerate this behavior.

– We list bullying help lines on the link above, here are more resources:

– PA Bullying Prevention Consultation Line:  866-716-0424

– US Depart of Health & Human Services –

– Center for Safe Schools –

– Pennsylvania Department of Education, Bullying Prevention:

– Pennsylvania Department of Education, Safe Schools:

– Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention –

– PDE, PA Bullying Prevention Consultation Phone Line: 866-716-0424

What if I want information on Depression?

– We list some services on the link above but there are so many offices listed in Franklin County that provide support, evaluation, and counseling.

– Please consider having your child meet with the School Based Laurel Life counselor.

– Click on the following site to learn about depression:  Families for Depression Awareness

– Reach out, talk with the FCCTC or sending school counselor, make an appointment at one of the local offices.

What if I want information on Suicide?

– We list services on the link above and there are so many offices listed in Franklin County that provide support, evaluation, and counseling.  The list of Crisis and Suicide help, prevention numbers, and text lines are included.

– Click on the following site to learn warning signs, risk factors, and encouragement to take action:

– Franklin County Crisis Intervention: Keystone Health Crisis Intervention Program

– Contact Helpline 1-800-932-4616 or 717-264-2555

– Contact the FCCTC or sending school counseling office for assistance.

Student Assistance Program (SAP):

– Any student can be referred to SAP if you are concerned for them for any of the reasons listed on this page or other reasons.  Click here for a SAP form and give the completed form to the instructor, counseling office, or in the anonymous box in the counseling office.

– Any adult in the school or student may refer a student who needs help 🙂