A cluster program designed to provide students instruction in a variety of health-related occupations under the supervision of a licensed health care professional. Instruction consists of core course content with clinical experiences in health related occupations. Certifications are available in nursing, medical and dental assisting. Students will also receive emergency medical training in the course of their studies. Opportunities could exist for students to enter directly into high paying entry-level positions locally or to articulate into local Practical Nursing (LPN) programs were applicable.

Earn College Credits:

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Program Requirements and Expectations

Upon entering the Allied Health Program at CareerTech be prepared to learn an abundance of health care knowledge, have fun and gain valuable skills for an entry level position in health care.
You can have the opportunity to receive a certification as a nursing assistant if all criteria is met.

UNIFORMS: Uniform which consists of black scrub pants and scrub shirt ( may be purchased any stores such as Walmart, SuperShoe.) On Fridays, a blue academy T-shirt (ordered from FCCTC web site) with black scrub pants. Only jackets ordered through the FCCTC web site or any solid color lab coats are permitted in the classroom or lab. Solid color long sleeve shirts only to be worn under scrubs. Shoes (rubber soled), leather crocks (no holes and must have a back strap.)

Level 1 students will purchase a kit for this program through the school during their first two weeks of the student’s assigned semester at a cost of $150.