An instructional program that prepares students for employment related to institutional and self-owned food establishments or other food industry occupations. Students will learn food production, institutional and personal cooking and baking and food sales/service. Students will assist in the school cafeteria on a regular basis preparing large volume offerings. Students will also operate a school restaurant serving unique dishes to the general public. Catering and banquet opportunities also exist within this program.

Industry Certifications:

Pursuing ACF (American Culinary Federation) certification
Serv Safe certification

Earn College Credits:

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Program Requirements and Expectations

Students will be graded daily on their appearance, ability to work with others, ability to stay on a given task, and their ability to follow class guidelines.

Safety and Hygienic Restrictions to consider:
*Adherence to Equipment, Tool and Utensil Usage Regulations
*Hair restraints (Issued Hats)
*Gum chewing
*Personal Hygiene
*Finger Nail Polish and/or Artificial Fingernails
*Visible Jewelry (Piercings, Rings, Earrings)
*Clean and Professional Appearance (Uniform)
*Ability to maintain a clean and organized work area
*Uniform (Click here for Examples)