School Counseling Philosophy

We believe that our Student Services Department is an integral part of the school program. Our goal is to provide support services and assist with student development by being a positive presence in their lives during their Career Center experience. Our services are designed to enhance their learning process with a heavy emphasis on career development needs. Working with students is our primary focus, along with communicating and consulting with administrators, teachers, parents, community agencies and sending school districts.


Individual Career Counseling including:

  • Career Scope Assessments for 10th, 11th, or 12th grade students
  • Assessments for every 10th grade student: Career Matchmaker, My Skills, and Learning Styles Inventory
  • Career Research, Advising and Counseling
  • Post Secondary Education Research, Advising and Counseling
  • Financial Aid Advising and Counseling
  • Crisis Counseling
  • Coordination of Outside Agency Support
  • Students Assistance Program
  • Participation in meetings, such as child study, IEP, and parent meetings
  • Social Work Services – In addition to the above, this service includes emotional support counseling, intervention for “at risk” students, truancy prevention and home visits.