The primary task of the Franklin County Career and Technology Center is to provide a meaningful program of studies that will aid you in becoming an efficient worker and a self-supporting, respectable citizen. To accomplish this goal, you must not only become skilled in your chosen occupational field, but develop those traits necessary to interact with other people.

The staff and administration of FCCTC will provide you with tremendous opportunities to explore new horizons and reach for your dreams. You can take advantage of these opportunities by establishing goals for yourself as you prepare with anticipation and excitement for the new school year. The content of this handbook provides the framework of rules and regulations that will guide you toward your goals.

As a student, you can best help yourself and the school by applying yourself to learning your trade to the best of your ability and following the rules. You are encouraged to review this handbook with your parents or guardians and to ask questions about anything you do not understand. The rules will be enforced and you will be accountable for understanding what is expected.

You, along with all other students of FCCTC, will be expected to be Professional – prompt, prepared, polite and positive. No individual or group has the right to keep you from getting a quality education, and these expectations are in place to ensure a quality education for all.

You are encouraged to challenge yourself in your vocational field and your academic studies. Set goals that push your limits, take advantage of the many programs that FCCTC offers, and find ways to get involved in school activities. The interest you show and effort you put forth will be the measure of success for you and the entire school