In the industry of auto collision and repair students will apply technical knowledge to repair damaged vehicles. Students will learn to replace interior panels, repair dented areas, repair damaged fenders, prepare surfaces for painting, and refinish vehicles, along with various other projects. Students will gain an understanding of the industry with hands-on work on both school and customer vehicles. The program is working towards the addition of industrial painting.

Technical Skills:

Basic skills of sheet metal repair • Basic welding skills in the auto collision industry • Use of body filler to repair dents • Preparing estimates on damaged vehicles • Preparing surfaces for painting and clear coating • Virtual SIMS painting system training

Professional Skills:

Punctuality • Communication •  Effective Listener • Attention to detail

Career Opportunities or Field Positions:

Auto Body Technician • Industrial Manufacturing Painter • Assembler of Industrial Products • Auto Detailer • Parts Salesman • Painter in the Auto Collision Field • Insurance Claims Adjuster • Collision Shop Owner/Manager

What Certifications can I earn?

ASE Auto Collision Certification, EPA National 6H Rule

What College Credits can I earn?

Click here for information on how you can earn college credits while in your Career Tech program.

Program Requirements & Expectations:

Students should have strong computer and math skills, be able to multi-task, pay attention to detail, and have good hand to eye coordination.

Uniform Requirements:

A CareerTech blue or gray t-shirt is required. In addition, the following CareerTech items may also be purchased: Mechanic shirt, sweatshirt, or hooded sweatshirt (no strings), ¼ zip sweatshirt (special order), or flannel. Uniforms may be ordered online or purchased at the school store.

Dark blue or black work pants/jeans without holes (i.e., Dickies).

Work boots (steel toe not required) or sneakers

Out-of-Pocket costs:

School Uniform

Student Organizations?

Students may join the SkillsUSA student organization. This club brings students who share common interests together for an exchange of ideas and the opportunity to work towards a common purpose. It offers students recognition through a national program of awards and contests and seeks to cultivate excellence in leadership and in their technical skills. Visit for more information.

What else should I know?

Enter the program with an open mind and be ready to listen and learn. This is a great opportunity. Do not be afraid to fail. There will be many different skills and techniques to learn which will lead to a successful career.

Pat Parson

Mr. Parson is a CareerTech alumnus of the Automotive Collision and Repair program. After a senior cooperative experience, he went directly to the workforce where he gained industry experience as he managed a new car dealership collision shop and his own body shop.  Mr. Parson has over 25 years of experience in the Auto Collision industry.