Career Cruising

What can I do on the Career Cruising site?

  • Learn about your interests and skills
  • Explore Careers
  • Research Colleges
  • Build a resume

What is the general password that anyone can use?

  • Username:  fcctc
  • Password:  franklin

When will I use this?

  • In 10th grade you will go to the computer lab as a class and take interest assessment, career matchmaker and learning styles inventory.  The password is available to use during any time grade on your own while in class or on your home device.

What will I learn?

  • You will better understand how your career choices are related by matching your likes and interests to occupations in the program.  It will confirm that you are in the correct program or possibly lead you into a spin-off of your program or a different program completely.  Also, you can explore different industries and find out about post-secondary education options.

Who will review the results with me?

  • Your counselor in a computer lab and then we will have an individual career session.

CareerScope Assessment

What is the CareerScope Assessment?

  • We administer this career assessment with students who may not be interested in their program of choice or need to confirm they are in the correct program.  Students answer questions about what they would like in a career and answer ability questions.

Who will take this assessment?

  • Any student in any grade who wants to learn more about other career paths that they may be suited for pursuing.

How long will it take?

  • About one hour.

Where do I take it?

  • Assessments are available to take online in our office, at home, or in your classroom.

What will it do for me?

  • Direct me to what careers I should consider.  The next step will be to research the career, shadow another program that may be a better fit, and share this information with the team of other adults who help in the decision process.  The results could also confirm that you are in the right program 🙂

Can I take it many times?

  • Every year if necessary…the results will change as you learn more about your personal interests, your career interests, and as your abilities grow.

Career Research

Students have many opportunities to research careers available in the program of choice during their school day.  Their instructor will expose students to options after they graduate by using the certifications they receive in class and the skills they learned.  They will learn what positions require a high school diploma, as well as further post-secondary education that may be needed for certain positions in their field of choice.  Also, they have the opportunity to research other areas of interest.  Here are some good sites to explore: