Military Information

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You can enlist in the military full time or part time.  It is a great way to serve your county and mold you into an even better version of yourself.  One benefit is that that the military will help pay for college or help repay a student loan.  You will also have veteran’s status, example: If you have veterans’ status, you do not need to put a down payment on a home loan 🙂

Branches – Click here to view the 6 branches, detailing full time and part time.

Careers & Benefits – Click here to about compensation and pay, and to learn about careers in the military and for civilian employment afterwards.

ASVAB – Click here to learn about the aptitude test measures your strength and potential for success in military training.

ROTC – Click here to find out about this reserve unit college program.

Military Schools – Click here to learn about the Service Academies, Maritime Academies, and Senior Military Colleges 

Parents – Click here for what you need to know

Futures Magazine – Click here to see the lasts issue “Futures” magazine and to subscribe.

If you need to find a recruiter, please contact someone in the counseling office.  Talking to a recruiter is simple as, TALKING.  You cannot join the military on your own until you are 18.  If you are under 18, you must have parent approval.