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What are the Topics studied in the Workforce Development Program

   Career Exploration- Let’s find out what you are good at!

   Employability Skills-Explore skills that needed to be a great employee in today’s workforce.

   Health Safety– Learn how to be safe and stay healthy in many work environments.

   Communication Skills- Observe and practice listening, speaking and digital skills as well as how to be self-assertive at work.

   Consumer Skills- Once you start making money in the workforce, learn how to use it wisely.

Program Benefits: Career exploration helps students discover their own strengths and interests to match an individualized career path. Workforce Development does that by:

  •  Each semester guiding the student by the students’ interests and abilities.
  •  Instruction on how to be a successful employee in today’s workforce.
  •  Allowing students to be able to earn industry certifications to give them a competitive advantage.
  •  Individualized trainings tailored to student’s desired career path.

Who Should Apply?

11th or 12th grade students who fall into one of these categories:
  •  A student who did not get an initial spot at FCCTC to excessive number of applicants.
  •  A student who needs to focus on employability skills.
  •  A student who wants some guidance with career exploration to find your interests and strengths.
  •  A student who realizes that high school is coming to an end and just don’t know what to do after that.
  •  A student who would like a career in an occupational area not offered at FCCTC.

If you have any questions or would like more information on our Workforce Development Program please contact, Lori Stockman, Workforce Development Instructor at [email protected]

Lori Stockman Instructor


Mrs. Stockman earned her Bachelor Of Science in Education with a focus in Elementary Education from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.  She earned her Master of Art’s in Education with a focus in Curriculum  and Instruction from University of Phoenix and also holds a Program specialist certificate in the area of English as a Second Language(ESOL).  She is currently pursuing her Cooperative Education Certificate through Penn State University.  Mrs. Stockman brings over 20 years of teaching experience t this program.