This is an opportunity designed for second semester (January – May) 12th grade students who are eager to become part of the emergency services field.  Students are trained and certified as nationally recognized firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians ready to make an immediate impact on our local community.  This program operates similarly to career firefighter/EMT academies focused on an advanced level of accountability, discipline, respect, and teamwork.  As a prerequisite for this program, students must maintain a current membership with a fire department committed to sponsoring the individual.

Technical Skills:

No previous experience is required; however, highly encouraged.  Students will be trained to carry out all duties required of an interior firefighter and charge EMT in both the volunteer and career capacity.

Professional Skills:

Students must conduct themselves in accordance with the National Society of Executive Fire Officers, Firefighter Code of Ethics.

Career Opportunities or Field Positions:

Upon successful completion of the FRP, students will be fully employable as a firefighter/EMTS.

What Certifications can I earn?

EMT (Pennsylvania and National Registry certification) // First Aid and CPR (American Heart) Firefighter I (National certification) with Structural Burn Session Hazardous Materials Awareness & Operations (PA State Fire Academy certification) Fire Dynamics Fundamentals // Strategies & Tactics (PA State Fire Academy certification) Firefighter Survival Awareness (PA State Fire Academy certification) Engine Company Operations (PA State Fire Academy certification) Vehicle Rescue Awareness & Operations (PA State Fire Academy certification)

What College Credits can I earn?

Six credits toward an A.A. Degree in Emergency Management and/or up to nine credits toward an A.A. Degree in Fire Science through Bucks County Community College.

Program Requirements & Expectations:

Classes are held in a non-traditional school format, based on co-op models.  Lectures are conducted in a hybrid in-person and online format, along with hands-on skill development.  Students are required to provide transportation to class at the Franklin County Public Safety Training Center (FCPSTC) and Fayetteville EMS Institute, as well as various fire stations.

Uniform Requirements:

Uniforms are provided and associated policies must be adhered to.

Ben Holmquist

Ben Holmquist is the FRP Coordinator and instructor for Bucks County Community College.  Locally, he serves as a volunteer Deputy Fire Chief and board member of the Franklin County Public Safety Training Center, while working full time as a Lieutenant in the DC Metro area.  He earned a bachelor’s degree in Criminology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and continues to pursue multiple educational opportunities.

Liz Heller

Liz Heller is the FRP’s lead EMS instructor, while serving full time as the Assistant Chief of Fayetteville
EMS, secretary of the Franklin County EMS Council, and board member of the FCPSTC.  She serves the county as a well-respected paramedic and is also a certified firefighter.  Liz earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology and an associate degree in Paramedicine.

Jimmy Byers

Jimmy Byers leads the fire service training as the head fire service instructor from Bucks County Community College.  He is a full-time career firefighter in the DC Metro area, and oversees the FCPSTC’s equipment, apparatus, and facility.