Diesel mechanics repair, maintain, and rebuild diesel engines that power buses, trucks, ships, trains, and other vehicles. Mechanics must run diagnostic tests, troubleshoot, and remove/repair faulty parts to repair engines. In this program, students will study maintenance, repair and adjustment of diesel engines in cars and trucks, heavy-duty transmissions, drive assemblies and other heavy truck systems. Hands-on experience is provided with operable diesel engines, and heavy equipment such as Caterpillar. Biodiesel technologies will be explored.

Technical Skills:

Diesel engine parts and functionality • Drivetrain parts and functionality • Electrical and electronics in the diesel industry • Installation and repair of brakes • Installation and repair of steering and suspension • Diagnostic tests and troubleshooting

Professional Skills:

Work ethic and integrity • Communication • Customer Service • Critical thinking • Problem solving • Teamwork

Career Opportunities or Field Positions:

Truck Technician • Agricultural Technician • Assembly Technician • Engine Technician • Power Generation Technician • Heavy Equipment Technician • Locomotive Technician • Marine Technician

What Certifications can I earn?

ASE Diesel Engine • ASE Electrical & Electronics • ASE Brakes / MGM Air Brakes • ASE Steering & Suspension • MACS 609 Air Conditioning • Volvo Assembly • Timken Bearing Certification • OSHA Certification

What College Credits can I earn?

Click here for information on how you can earn college credits while in your Career Tech program.

Program Requirements & Expectations:

Students are required to have strong math (algebra 1) skills and have grade level proficiency in reading and comprehension.

Uniform Requirements:

A CareerTech blue or gray t-shirt is required. In addition, the following CareerTech items may also be purchased: Mechanic shirt, sweatshirt, hooded sweatshirt (no strings), or flannel. Uniforms may be ordered online or purchased at the school store.

Dark blue or black work pants (i.e., Dickies) or jeans without holes.

Work boots (steel toe not required)

Out-of-Pocket costs:

School Uniform

Student Organizations:

Students may join the SkillsUSA student organization. This club brings students who share common interests together for an exchange of ideas and the opportunity to work towards a common purpose. It offers students recognition through a national program of awards and contests and seeks to cultivate excellence in leadership and in their technical skills. Visit http://www.skillsusa.org/ for more information.

What else should I know?

Students should have a positive attitude and be ready to work.

Kevin Grove

Mr. Grove is a CareerTech alumnus of the Diesel Mechanics program. Following graduation, he worked as a diesel mechanic for 20 years at Antrim Diesel Service in Greencastle. He also has CAT, Cummins, Deutz, MACS AC, and MGM Air Brake certifications. Mr. Grove contributes over 15 years of teaching at CareerTech.